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What Is Stem Cell

“Stem cell” is the original cell-of-origin of human body, which has the potential of high self-replication, multidirectional differentiation, self-renewal and self-homing; stem cell regeneration and repair ability, can start the body’s self-healing ability, and it is an important means of the research and therapy for tumor, transplantation, cardiovascular diseases and other malignant diseases.

Stem cells are of great research and application value in the three fields of life science, new drug trial and disease study. It is referred as the “prescription for immortality” by regenerative medicine.

What Is Immune Cell

Immune cells refer to all the cells involved in immune response in general, which can be divided into innate immune cells and acquired immune cells. Innate immune cells include macrophages, dendritic cells, natural killer cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils and mast cells.

These innate immune cells can identify and eliminate pathogens, and kill microorganisms through attacking or engulfing larger pathogens. Acquired immune cells include B-cells and T-cells.

When a pathogen invades, these members are mobilized to work together. T-cells and B-cells produce a series of reactions to against the pathogen, and produce antibodies and immune memory. Therefore, when the same pathogen invades the body again, the “immune cells” in the body will rapidly proliferate and produce large amounts of antibodies to quickly kill the invading pathogen.

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